CASHOUT: 12.00PM 31.08.21


12.00PM 03.09.21


How do I cash out?

To cashout, go to the cashout window after 12pm on Tuesday 31st August.

  • Click Request Refund.
  • Enter your email address and wristband ID. Your wristband ID is on the back of your Jika Jika wristband.
  • Enter your bank account details.
  • Take a look at your summary and double check your details. When you are happy all your details are correct, click Confirm.

  • When does cashout open?

    Cashout opens 12pm on Tuesday 31st August. You cannot cashout before this time.

    When does cashout close?

    Cashout closes 12pm on Friday 3rd September. After this time, no cashout requests will be processed, so please make sure you request a refund before the cashout window closes. Refunds can take 3-5 working days from the refund request being received. Please keep hold of your wristband until you get your refund.

    Are there any cashout fees?

    Yes, wristbands will be subject to a £1 refund fee.

    How long will it take for me to receive my refund?

    Refunds can take 3-5 working days from the refund request being received. This is based on the correct information being submitted.

    How do I know my cashout was successful?

    You will receive a confirmation email when you successfully cashout. Please check your junk folder.

    I've lost my wristband - can I still cashout?

    No. Your wristband acts like cash. Without your wristband ID, we unfortunately can’t provide you with a refund.

    I haven’t received my refund yet

    Refunds can take up to 5 days to process provided you entered your details correctly, so please be patient.

    My wristband ID isn’t recognised

    Please check you are not mistaking 0’s for O’s and I’s for 1’s and B’s and 8’s. Also make sure there is no spacing and that you are using the correct capital letters. The system is case sensitive.

    My refund amount isn’t right

    We’re sorry to hear that. Please email your wristband ID and any further details about the discrepancy to and we will investigate this for you. We’ll endeavour to respond within 72 hours.

    I haven’t submitted my refund request and have missed the deadline

    The deadline for refund requests has been very clearly stated - on social media, website and on posters around the site. If you have missed the deadline, we will be unable to refund you.

    I am unhappy with the lineup, on-site experience or organisation of the event

    We are not responsible for the booking of acts or running of the festival - we simply provided the cashless technology. Any queries or complaints about the event need to be directed to the festival organisers.

    I need more support!

    If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for then please contact